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Inside and outside the replenishment of Princess Liu Tao slimming slimming a temperament maintenance method lead: Liu Tao for "Nirvana in Fire" in Huang Ni Princess popularity rose, the elegant noble style, with excellent acting skills, it is impressive. (source: ELLE) Liu Tao and Ruby Lin 38 years old this year, because filming soon, in order to "Dali Princess", "Princess" and other series of cooperation in the world and become good friends, from time to time on the Internet on the photo, that two people. Well, they also make friends Marvel freeze age beauty. And Ruby Lin, like, although Liu Tao has long been a wife, but has not old appearance. Whether it is a costume drama full of classical flavor of the shape, or the real life of the fashion image, are many fans love. Her skin and beautiful body also freeze the age of envy and jealousy, look at her beauty experience. Liu Tao in the "Nirvana in Fire" plays "neon Phoenix Princess" corner, opposite actor Hu Ge. She plays in the full of heroic spirit generals image, get a lot of praise. Liu Tao in "the princess" Nirvana in Fire sleek neat, and Hu Ge together. Earlier Liu Tao attended Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo married in Bali ceremony welcoming party, and sisters Hsu Chi Ruby Lin took a lot of photos. Now 38 year old Liu Tao and 40 year old Ruby Lin turned out to be friends, because the two filming meet, has cooperated "Dali Princess", "Princess" and other films in the world, two frozen age beauty appearance and good skin, envy. In addition to Ruby Lin, Liu Tao is also a good friend with another frozen beauty, Angelica Lee. Liu Tao also personally went to Malaysia to visit the home of Angelica Lee. Liu Tao released in the photo, it is not difficult to find her own good skin. She believes that water is the first place to pay attention to skin care, she should drink a lot of water every day, in order to promote metabolism. She also often of papaya, corn, carrot and cook some soup, sometimes boil Tremella ice sugar, practicing replenishment. Liu Tao elegant full makeup battle. Often due to filming and makeup and stay her, to remind you to do a cleansing and cleaning work, if you really need to stay up late, to supplement the loss of body water can try lemon water, both the replenishment effect, also can be refreshing and whiten skin. 1.68m high Liu Tao, tall, with a pair of legs, it is hard to imagine that she is the mother of two children, it is very difficult to imagine she belongs to easy fat physique, so she often in the movie before trying to lose weight, also have a lot of experience for the movement of thin. She had to eat diet pills, but also tried to get up every morning, just eat some apples, and then go running, and then go to the gym to go swimming, completely starved to lose weight, but the effect is not obvious. With the increase of age, Liu Tao began a healthy weight, in addition to exercise, also began to pay attention to the control of food calories and fat intake, so that they no longer hungry, slim down slowly. Liu Tao loves doing aerobic exercise, with sweat to rid the body of toxins, and to keep slim body. Because of the relationship between the work of the time, you can do at any time the sport will be more suitable for her. In addition, Liu Tao will also grasp!相关的主题文章: