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China’s property market lurking in the water under the two crocodile – Sohu finance this paper to explore the potential power of two shares, or lurking in the property market under the water of the two crocodile"! China’s property market is generally warmer. However, on the one hand is the most of the three or four line of the city is still quiet; on the other hand, is one of the few city land prices soaring rate has been unprecedented, unprecedented may There was no parallel in history.. There are many factors of this rare phenomenon. For the small city high land prices and high prices, from the top view, is not welcomed, such as May this year, "authority" conversation, and was in July this year, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee "to curb asset bubble", can support this point. But why high land prices and high prices? This article explores two potential forces, or lurking in the property market under the water of the two crocodile"! The name of a crocodile is called the housekeeper! High land prices, more land, flour, bread, bread, and even the bread box. The emergence of this phenomenon, from the market point of view, the main reason is to grab the enthusiasm of developers high, due to the quality of the hot city is less. In short supply, resulting in high land prices. Seems to have little to do with the housekeeper. But if the bottom, is not too small! The first layer, put it down in black and white land regulations, but not landing. Developers crazy to grab, it seems to be a complete market behavior, but it is conditional constraints, such as in accordance with the provisions of the year does not start, a fine of 20% (according to the price), two years does not start, unpaid recovery. But over the past decade, this policy did not fall, which local government has been strictly enforced? Stand out, take the two step…… Since there is no law, chapter?, so developers dare to in the hot city throwing a rush to get to the arm, if encounter after cooling the market, two years after one year after the price level, can not achieve the project to make money, so as to wait a few years, prices rose again, the probability can still achieve the project to make money. A lot of Hong Kong in the past 20 years, is not good at playing the game store? Second levels of relations, local governments to push the rhythm, more to consider their own interests. In the downturn in the property market, pushing the pace to slow down, pushing inferior plots; while the property market is hot, a lot of land, the supply of quality, so as to create a large number of conditions for the king! The emergence of the king, exacerbated by the expected price increases. But there’s no such thing as a housekeeper! Local housekeeper also have difficulties, to feed themselves, to eat more meat, I easily? Money to feed their families, mainly from the sale of land and real estate tax. So, even against Tun todisk regulations exist for many years, where the housekeeper were reluctant to dear developers decorum! In 2010 the Ministry issued a notice: the premium rate of over 50% of the land mass is an exception to the land department to prepare. But some time ago, the Department of homeland like a bitch said: many of the recent turnover of abnormal plots, where Butler did not report! Enjoysmart Institute has an annual report, the relationship between continuous tracking and Research on local government fiscal income and real estate. The following took a picture, for everyone to see. And room "相关的主题文章: