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Foreign media: Guiyang Shanghai news Milken Sohu of squeezing out the best city – the best China Chinese city rankings, Guiyang squeezed the financial capital of Shanghai, became the 2016 annual Chinese best city. Tianjin ranked third in China’s biggest cities, followed by Shenzhen and Chengdu last year, according to a report released on Monday. In the less developed southwest of China, Guiyang has achieved a leap from eleventh last year to more affluent coastal cities. The person in charge of the Institute said that people only see the poor economic base in Guiyang, but we value the development potential." It combines short-term and medium-term economic growth, employment growth, income growth and foreign direct investment growth, high value-added industries and other indicators. Hongkong "South China Morning Post" the September 12th article, the original title: China best city is not what you expected to provide most of the local power is concentrated in the coastal city Chinese for economic growth, but little is known about the inland city of Guiyang has become the best performing city this year. "Look at the construction of hotels, amusement parks, skyscrapers, it is easy to understand why the city is rising rapidly in the rankings, report said," don’t say Guiyang will become a ghost town, the city has attracted many well-known large companies to carry out business there." The only power manufacturer this is not settled in the growth of the city, "thanks to the central government to narrow the gap between coastal and inland efforts, especially Belt and Road Initiative help Guiyang get more investment, which stimulates the economic growth."相关的主题文章: