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The sheriff’s men and women disguised as husband and wife: nearly one million luxury car bait 5 minutes escapement Beijing – drug traffickers before Wu man in the hotel waiter for drug was reported, the 10 circle of friends in the trial. The police arrested the 10 men, one surnamed Wang for a drug "curly" carrying two kilograms of methamphetamine in beijing. In order to be able to be "curly" captured, and the sheriff disguised as husband and wife, after several twists and turns, will wait for the car to change the ice "curly" in a hotel and arrested. The scene seized two kilograms of methamphetamine. At present, Wu 10 people by the Fengtai police security detention because of drug abuse, Wang was detained because of shelter or other drug, and sell drugs "curly" was held and drug trafficking criminal detention. Upon receipt of the report to catch drug group, Fengtai police station received a hotel waiter and report, said the hotel has a man looked very excited, a strange room. The police determine that the men are likely to be drug addicts, "we quickly rushed to the hotel, the man found Wu Mougang just finished taking methamphetamine". Fengtai and justice police station sergeant Song Wei said the trial, Wu confessed his family lived in Fangshan, and 10 poison friends form a small circle, often together drug abuse, which has just entered the community after 95. The Wu and friends to work together in Fengtai, a moment of addiction in the room before the ice skating". After further investigation, Song Wei and colleagues came to Fangshan to catch other drug addicts. "When we arrived at noon, a lot of drug addicts did not get up, was arrested in his sleep." Song Wei recalled that only one person caught in the process of resistance. In Fangshan District Chengguan Street a three storey building built, drug addicts Wang just buying water from home, the police on hold. Wang struggled and could run, and two police fell to the ground, three people struggling together. Beijing morning news reporters from the surveillance video to see Wang, about 170 centimeters tall, tall and sturdy, three people together, will be on the ground a beer bottle smashed, the scene was very chaotic. Wang confessed after being arrested, he is practicing Judo, this thought can escape, did not expect or "workaholic" like the police catch. It asked clues after interrogation, the 11 men were more than and 20 year old, in nightclubs, cafes and other places a year ago, often in the Wang family with drugs. At present, Wu 10 people detained by the security police because of drug abuse, Wang was detained because of shelter or other drug. I thought the case was over, I did not expect the trial process, Wang provided a big clue to the police. He said the man was trying to from a nickname called "curly" buy drugs, "curly" shortly before carrying two kilograms of methamphetamine from Hubei to Beijing for trading. Wang told the police, "curly" is very cunning, each transaction will change the time and place, and carry a few "messenger", is the famous sellers circle. The Beijing, "curly" indicates that Wang a high-end car for drug money, not money. A few easy place difficult to catch "according to Wang said, he and" curly "is met in a gambling website, two people chat on the phone a few times, although he know ya相关的主题文章: