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A free kick – Bo embarrassed Milan home court win 1-0 rose third underdog – Sohu of Beijing sports in October 30th 22, 2016-17 serie a season eleventh round match at San Siro, AC Milan in the home court against Perth " > HD picture: Milan star break will lose the opportunity to celebrate the mad roar of Beijing depression in October 30th 22, 2016-17 serie a season eleventh round match at San Siro, AC Milan in the home court against Pescara. The final by virtue of free kick Bonaventura in the second half, Milan home court victory over 1-0. In the standings, Milan in the 11 round after the score reached 22 points, against Naples on the Serie A in the top third. In history, Milan AC and Pescara two teams with 12 times against the record in the league, Milan 11 wins 1 negative advantage. The last time the two teams went back to the Serie A League in the 2012-13 season, Balotelli was the two goal, and then sent out a two assists in the game at the time of the game in the first half of the season in the. The last game of the game Paletta red card suspension, Montella had to make adjustments to the defence. Gustavo – Gomes debut with Rome gnoli composition partner, and right back Abate to return to the starting position. In midfield, Sosa replaced a Oolong card position into kurtz. The front and back starting Suso Baka and gnan composed of trident. Fifth minutes, Capra in the restricted area before the lateral after the ball hit the door turned off. Twelfth minutes, the left Yi Mei Musha small angle hit the door easy by Donnarumma ball confiscated. Twelfth minutes, gnan hit the door up. Fifteenth minutes, Bonaventura volley ball confiscated by BIZARRI. Seventeenth minutes, Suso pass, Chewbacca offside after volley shovel, but not to be able to play the ball confiscated by BIZARRI power. Twenty-second minutes, Suso hit the door blocked. Thirtieth minutes, gnan hit the door closed before playing high. Thirty-fifth minutes, Bonaventura free kick the formation of chaos, Dechy Leo hit the door by BIZARRI closed out, then the offside position the ball to the arms of BIZARRI bushe gnan. Thirty-sixth minutes. Aquilani welcomes the ball shot shot. With thirty-seventh minutes behind Bonaventura was booked. Subsequently, Rome gnoli header top side. Forty-first minutes, Abate barrier Mitelita booked. Forty-third minutes, Suso pass, gnan leaping high shakes Leipzig hit the post, then Baca under jamming failed to top position is headed. Forty-fifth minutes, Sosa hit the door was blocked. After Bonaventura closed top hit the door by BIZARRI the ball fell to the ground. Forty-eighth minutes, Bonaventura Mitelita restricted area before the ball is behind the latter, the referee booked. Subsequently, Bonaventura foot affixed to the penalty kick, the ball from the bottom through a jump and drill into the bottom left corner of the 1-0. This is also the goal against Milan following the September 2015 Udine J first grain direct free kick to break the previous goal, players or Balotelli. Fiftieth minutes, Benali teammate pass after playing off the door, but the offside in the rescue相关的主题文章: