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Arts-and-Entertainment If you would like to know how to cure cracked lip corners, then it is important that you understand what has actually caused the condition in the first place. Many people wrongly believe that cracks in the corner of the mouth are simply caused by overdry skin which worsens through lack of treatment. In actual fact, this is a condition caused by a fungal bacteria which is naturally present on the skin. This condition is called angular cheilitis. This bacteria is normally completely harmless and causes no problems whatsoever. Occasionally though the bacteria can grow out of control, causing this painful condition. Although not life threatening, as we have no option but to eat, drink and speak, these movements can be excruciatingly painful. Additionally, it can affect the way we look which is upsetting-there is no doubt that quality of life can be adversely affected. There is sometimes no obvious cause of cracked lip corners, but some common reasons include ill-fitting dentures, which can mean that the mouth is not closing properly, thus causing small pockets of skin to form at the edges of the mouth which can provide a perfect environment for bacteria to breed. Similar types of skin pockets can form on people who rapidly gain a large amount of weight. People who constantly bite pens or fingernails, or suck thumbs can also be prone to angular cheilitis. Also, extremes of weather can cause cracked lip corners in susceptible individuals. Sometimes the condition is transient and passes within a few days. However, the most common scenario is one where angular cheilitis never really goes away, but the severity ebbs and flows, eventually becoming chronic, covering an expanding area. In very mild cases, you may be able to cure cracked lip corners by taking the following steps:- * To prevent further cracking and give some temporary soothing and relief, apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly or unscented lip balm * If dentures are the cause of the problem, have the fitting corrected and until the issue subsides, try soaking them in a medicated mouthwash and use this to gargle twice daily * If you have gained weight and feel that this could have contributed to your condition, it would be sensible to lose any excess weight * For those who constantly suck on pens or thumbs or bite fingernails, you can buy a bitter tasting liquid which is safe for painting on fingernails to deter nail biting, and use this on the ends of pens and fingers/thumbs. There is a very simple, speedy treatment for angular cheilitis which promises immediate relief and that you will be completely free of this condition overnight. It is available for immediate download and works for everyone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: