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Travel-and-Leisure Europe tour packages are filled with destinations that boast of a rich history and culture, fabulous cuisine and breathtaking views. However, things can go wrong, and if youre not prepared, your dream Europe trip could turn into a nightmare. Here are 4 things you should do to prepare for any travel contingencies you may face on your European tour. 1.Make Copies Of Important Documents: Theres nothing worse than having your passport or credit cards getting lost or stolen in a foreign land. Make three sets of copies of everything including your passport, your tickets, your hotel bookings, your credit cards with numbers and your itinerary with any contact details at each place if possible. Give one set to a reliable friend or family member, keep one set with yourself and one in your bag. You can also scan the documents and e-mail them to yourself, but have at least one physical set of copies. 2.Know Your Meds: While you should obviously carry all the medicines you need or are likely to require with you from home, you could be stranded without them in case of any luggage transfer issues. To prevent this, make sure you write down both the generic and scientific names of all your medicines and their appropriate dosage, if any. This way, a medical practitioner in Europe will be able to prescribe the same drug for you in their respective country under the generic name it is sold there. 3.Notify Your Credit Card .panies: Before you leave, make sure to notify your credit card .panies about your travel plans. Otherwise, when you make charges in different countries, your payments might just be refused, leaving you in a tight spot. Its also a good idea to increase you credit limit wherever possible, so you can use your cards in case of an emergency without having to worry about being maxed out. 4.Ready, Set, Pack!: Once youve gathered all the clothes, gadgets, documents and other items you plan to take with you, pack them neatly and weigh the bags keeping in mind the weight restrictions of most airlines. If you have a carry-on bag as well, make sure it is within the limits of allowed sizes and has no liquids in containers with a larger than 100ml capacity. Review your packing list and remove any items youre unsure about chances are you dont really need them. Remember, you will be buying things to take back home, so take an extra bag or leave enough room in the existing one for souvenirs. Once youve .pleted the four steps above, make a final check to ensure you have everything you need, all travel documents, all medications, proper bag size and weight and all your research in place. Then, youll be all set to enjoy any of the Europe tour packages, armed and ready. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: