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4 million 300 thousand recall Samsung Note 7 how to deal with? They said that in November 1st, Samsung Electronics from the global recall of 4 million 300 thousand Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, it will be how to deal with these phones? According to Marketwatch reports, Greenpeace (Greenpeace) on Monday issued a statement urging Samsung not to abandon the recall of Galaxy Note 7 phone, so as not to cause environmental disasters". Samsung Note7 Samsung in addition to death at present, claimed not to repair or re used, not openly show how to dispose of the mobile phone. Only two of these phones will not be repaired after use. Samsung had previously said: we have a safe disposal of these phones process." Samsung has yet to respond to Greenpeace’s statement on Monday. Greenpeace asked Samsung to find a new way to recycle and reuse of these metals and rare earth materials in mobile phones, and the way to dispose of the phone open. About 50 elements are used in the Note 7 cell phone, because the current recycling method is inefficient, only the 12 elements can be recycled. Greenpeace said, according to the German Applied Ecology Institute (Oeko-Institut) researchers estimate, 4 million 300 thousand Note 7 mobile phone contains more than 20 metric tons of cobalt, more than 1 metric tons of tungsten, 1 tons of silver, 100 kg and 20 kg to 60 kg of gold palladium. Greenpeace said in a statement: "these materials can be recycled, but if Samsung does not want to use them, it will cause damage to the environment." According to the International Institute of electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) a research report released in 2013 said, although most of the metal itself is not toxic, but the extraction of these metals may use mercury or cyanide, and these two substances are highly toxic. The mining techniques used to obtain these metals can also cause damage to the environment, and the efficiency is very low. Greenpeace East Asia senior IT executive Jude · Li (Jude Lee) said: "Samsung now has a chance to set an example for the whole industry, it is necessary to see how it recycling of rare metals in the 4 million 300 thousand intelligent mobile phone and other precious materials, it is chosen to avoid environmental disasters or simply to discard them. We will launch a global petition to ask Samsung not to discard these phones, and take this opportunity to reflect on how it can design and produce its products." Recycling is facing an important problem, that is how to deal with Note 7 cell phone battery. Samsung will be stuck with these batteries and mobile phones, recycling, the operator must be careful to be able to explode the battery from each cell phone down. According to an engineer, the process requires a lot of patience as well as a surgical procedure. It will be easier to pry the battery down the whole recycling process is relatively easy, it is possible that some mobile phones simply do not have to follow the recycling process will be able to re-use.相关的主题文章: