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"Xu Yuyu case" to combat fraud samples   fraud problems; accurate information disclosure –IT– people.com.cn comic Gao Yue news: in August 28th the Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant, and caused widespread concern in Shandong Linyi Xu Yuyu cheated death case involving 6 suspects were all arrested. According to reports, the number of calls to Xu Yuyu is registered through the real name system. In fact, the current telecommunications fraud in the presence of a general details, that is, precise fraud, crooks accurately grasp the victim’s information, leading to its more gullible. Comment: Telecommunications fraud flood has become a social problem, as long as the use of mobile phone, telephone, no one dared say that he had not received a telephone fraud, so many people suffered serious damage, or even go bankrupt, the destruction, the tragedy of Xu Yuyu is one example. Xu Yuyu is unfortunate, but the "Xu Yuyu case" is lucky, by social attention and attention, all the suspects arrested. As a way of fraud become the social effects of pollution, the government must take responsibility, each with similar cases seriously punished according to law. Among them, a lot of work is a priority. For example, to identify the parties in the fraud of the information disclosure. In fact, each precise fraud, there are problems of information leakage. In view of information disclosure in a lot of things is the source of telecommunications fraud occurred, must be strictly traced, accountable! Again, to the hot pursuit of fraudsters, the only way to deter potential fraudsters! In fact, many failed to detect fraud, the case itself is not complex to be detected, but not enough attention and investment not enough. There is reason to question, to find in the vast sea of academician Zhong Nanshan lost in Guangzhou, to find a computer Japanese in Wuhan lost bike, why not find many telecommunications fraud criminals? In addition, in recent years, the relevant departments to vigorously promote the mobile phone real name system, then, if illegal criminal fraud is not follow it through the mobile phone real name system, network system also needs to be leak. Facts show that if each fraud is subject to the same as the Xu Yuyu case, the rampant trend of telecommunications fraud must be effectively curbed. The loss of rural governance and village illegal news: Recently, Xuanhan nanbazhen Longwan village Cao Ren Sichuan Dazhou city became the 87 year old mother birthday. In the afternoon, to inform the director of the village committee achievement is in violation of the agreements, request him to receive the Education Town Commission for Discipline Inspection Office, write a review. The next day, Cao Rencheng to pay the village committee to do illegal feast awareness fee 650 yuan. Allegedly, in order to avoid do feast in the local atmosphere, making reference to the provisions of the local villagers, the banquet of Party members and cadres to do. Comment: the villagers’ committee is the self management, self education and self service grassroots autonomous organizations have the right to develop pacts and other ways to carry out the statutory scope of the autonomous activities. But at the same time, the Committee of villagers’ autonomy law clearly stipulates: "the rules of villagers’ autonomy, village and village meetings or villagers’ representatives decided not with the constitution, laws and regulations and country)