33Milk is really excess capacity It is too much to import (video)|Milk is really excess capacity It is too much to import (video)8

Milk is really excess capacity? Are imported too much blame for unwilling to buy some yogurt milk dairy industry with an annual output of 36 billion United States dollars perfect counter attack last weekend to the supermarket, found that the milk discounts are large, such as a brand of yogurt, the retail price of less than 4 yuan, buy one get one. Coincidentally, a newspaper reported yesterday, through the investigation on the Shandong Weifang Ginza supermarket, found on the mid autumn season, milk prices have played a promotional advertising: half price sale, buy send. Mid Autumn Festival sales promotion, perhaps just a representation. Some analysts believe that a deeper reason is that the domestic dairy industry after decades of rapid development, production capacity to reach saturation. Look at a set of data. According to the "2015 China Rural Statistical Yearbook" disclosure, China milk output in 2000 was only 9 million 191 thousand tons, 4 million 694 thousand cows, but fifteen years later, China’s milk production reached 38 million 702 thousand tons in 2015, up to 15 million 70 thousand head of dairy cows. In 2015, China’s dairy herds, fresh milk and dairy production ranks third in the world. In the current domestic demand level, the supply of basic saturation. However, the import of milk powder industry on the impact of menacing, should not be underestimated. Chinese Dairy Association organized the compilation of "Chinese dairy quality report (2016)" pointed out that with the import of milk invasion and international milk prices continued to decline, the emergence of new problems China dairy industry. Customs statistics show that from 2016 to June a total of 407 thousand and 800 tons of imported milk powder, an increase of 18.6%; imports of liquid milk, an increase of 314 thousand tons, an increase of 77.55%. So, the relevant business day better? Erie shares in 2016 semi annual report in a statement may be able to find some answer: at present, the international dairy market demand downturn, overcapacity in the global dairy industry, supply of raw milk prices fell, compared with the domestic raw milk prices, foreign milk prices more competitive, leading to the domestic dairy import scale. So, we can understand that, due to the international dairy surplus, a large number of dairy products at home market impact, resulting in excess domestic raw milk production. Of course, the development of China’s dairy industry, there are still many problems need to be resolved. As the Ministry of agriculture minister Han Changfu held in the days before the China dairy industry 20 strong peaks and the revitalization of the dairy industry said the conference, China industry big but not strong, there is not high degree of standardization, the production cost is high, and the lack of breeding and processing from the profit mechanism is stable, the brand is not loud, lack of competitiveness of enterprises industry brand. Especially under the impact of imports and consumption not prosperous, face milk sales difficult, low price, and reduce the farmers’ income increase in business inventories and other outstanding issues. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).