2Big head son family detonated friends debate on how to cultivate children financial financial invest|Big head son family detonated friends debate on how to cultivate children financial financial invest

< p > in recent years, the popular online "destroyed childhood", the scripts after another. This does not, Rhett Jiafeng financial planner found "big head son and small head dad" the cure Muse is also a machine gun fire, with according to the observations of users, big head son home in 95 years can leased out to play, the next door neighbor has a very large swimming pool, father to compensate big head son, prepare the 20 rolls of film to son license, in the 1990s with the bulk of his son to sit ferry, apron and mother is mobile phone… To infer the bulk of his son is actually a senior northern family home.

< p > Jiafeng Rhett financial management division believes that big head son the reason to lead a happy life, not just because of their economic strength is strong enough, the key is the parents have a heart to for the family to create more wealth, let the son heart of a better life. They work hard, happy life, this is the "big head son and father" to convey to our positive energy! This is also the Jiafeng financial planner Reed heart forever pure land. How can we give our children a better life?

one, the work is busy, but also to accompany the child

every stage of the child’s growth can not be re come, so busy working, we have to accompany the child. Is not to say that from morning till night are and children in call together to accompany the child ", but to participate in an important process in the growing process of children. Promise the child must do things, such as a good day for a bedtime story, if too busy, and later must think of ways to make up. As "five kiss" in the small head dad.

two, preventive measures, education for children to buy insurance

similar approach to find a professional financial institutions for children to buy trust. In fact insurance is not a very good investment products, but it can ensure that children in the growth stage with stable cash flow, in any case, support the child’s life, education is not disrupted. Trust is also the same, through these ways, you can let the children in the community before they are able to accept a good education.

three, from an early age to cultivate children’s correct consumption concept

< p > in the "new big head son and small head dad", although we have been recognized wealthy big head son, but apron mother and small head dad did not therefore let big head son learned to lavish. For example, big head son and school classmates bandwagon, want to do the first set of cards Qi snacks, so buy a lot of snacks. Although a bag of snacks do not need how many money, but apron mother or stop the son head buy more to eat not to drop the snacks. Finally, and small head Dad together "painting" Qi cards give big head son; another example of big head son don’t know to save water and electricity, apron mother is deliberately let home water supply power for a day and instill big head son resources are very valuable ideas. These are worth learning from all families.