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In 2017 15, the online registration exam cheating – never hired Beijing 15 day online registration plan recruiting 27 thousand people in 2017 countries on the curtain will start. Yesterday, the central authority and its agencies directly under the 2017 annual examination of civil service recruitment announcement, the national examination began in October 15th online registration, registration deadline of 24, in November 27th the public subjects written examination. More than and 120 central organs and institutions directly under the management of the civil service law and unit plan recruiting more than 2.7 people, and basically the same as last year. Recruiting difficult in remote areas lowering the threshold of the national exam from many aspects clearly reduced barriers to entry in remote areas of civil servants. In remote areas difficult by the central authority of the institutions directly under the county (District) level below the position, as the case alone or integrated by decreasing the degree requirements, to relax the restrictions, does not limit the professional work experience and experience, individual designated examination score line measures. It is reported that the location of hard remote areas in the establishment of educational requirements, the minimum can be as low as high school, technical secondary school, while other regions are college education as a starting point. At the same time to allow the institutions directly under the central authority with a certain number of county (District) level for the following positions of the city or county of residence or life, long-term work in the local personnel recruitment, the implementation of the new civil servants employed a minimum service life and other measures. Insisted on the importance of grass-roots employment oriented it is reported that the recruitment continued attention to grass-roots employment oriented. 2017 national test recruiting agencies directly under the central authority, city (prefecture) level following positions, arranged on the principle of 15% plan special for targeted recruiting service expires, assessment of qualified service grass-roots project personnel, 5 percentage points higher than last year, which focused on recruiting college-graduate village official. Service grass-roots project personnel, in particular to college-graduate village official western volunteers, three of a help program and the teachers, the students should pay attention to in the application, only part of the job requirements to apply for college-graduate village official. At or above the provincial level party and government organs of civil servants, except for some special positions and professional positions, all for recruiting with more than 2 years working experience at the grass-roots level of personnel. Found cheating in the exam will never hire 2017 countries is also worthy of the test, the most stringent national test year". The national examination integrity test, the honesty and trustworthiness as an important standard to examine whether the candidates to enter the civil service, to examine the object file to carry out strict examination, the audit focused on age, seniority, education, work experience, Party etc.. The new "civil service examination malpractices approach" has been in force since October 1st, the provisions of applicants if there is complicity or participation in organized cheating and other serious violations of discipline, will never allow to enter the civil service. The country take competition has been like "thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers bridge", 2014 of the number of candidates exam has reached more than 152 people, the most recent five years to record last year, there are nearly 1 million 400 thousand candidates registration, the degree of competition remarkable. Chinese public education experts said that this year the number of applicants is likely to test the new high. This means that candidates can not because of the larger recruiting Lynn相关的主题文章: