1Obama will deliver his state of the Union six aspect shows the political wind – International – peop|Obama will deliver his state of the Union six aspect shows the political wind – International – peop

Mr. Obama will deliver his state of the Union address: six aspect display political winds – International – People’s network according to U.S. media reports, U.S. President Barack Obama will be at 9 12 pm local time: he served in the seventh state of the Union address etiquette remains the same, but the president will use last officially to the country will be published in the annual address to the opportunity to maximize the effect is expected when there will be about 30 million viewers tuned in to the live broadcast. According to reports, is expected to Obama talks and tenure and Iran signed the nuclear deal, to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba and other achievements will be mentioned against Islamic state, also called on Congress to support stricter gun control, through cross Pacific Partnership Agreement and to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and other. In this regard, the United States media summed up the six points of Obama’s state of the Union address concern. 1) will the tone of the speech change? White House press secretary Ernest said, Obama told speech draftsmen and aides said he wanted to avoid the traditional legislative priority list, I want to discuss the direction of the country and challenges to the wide coverage of the keynote speech. 2) who applauded? U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House in December 18, 2015 local time held an annual end of the press conference, to hand over their own this year’s ruling transcripts". The president will talk about some of the proposals he hopes will be able to make this year, and supporters will cheer, and opponents will be indifferent. Some of the problems, the two parties have obvious differences. But Obama is pushing for a new Pacific Trade Agreement, the white house appreciates the support of the Republican Party, and many people expressed opposition to the Democratic party. 3) Ryan for the first time as a speaker listen to state of the union from Wisconsin Republican congressman Ryan this will be the first sitting behind Obama, is next to the Vice President Joe Biden. Some members of the Republican Party will watch his reaction to some of Obama’s words. 4) the first lady’s seat around the White House has invited Syria refugees, to the Supreme Court to win the lead plaintiff in the gay marriage lawsuit, childhood was illegally brought into the United States, "dream" representative. Each person’s presence is to highlight a point — including an empty seat on behalf of the victims of gun violence. 5) what is the impact of the next president? The senator who is running for the party’s presidential nominee will sit in the audience on the evening of the day. Obama is likely to try to put forward a framework for the 2016 general election debate, "marketing" he believes that a key issue. 6) are Americans willing to listen? Last year, nearly 32 million people watching television in Obama’s state of the union. That is the lowest since the TV ratings after Clinton made the seventh state of the Union in the past 15 years.