13+9! Cui Jinming Jones paratelum Deng Huade says he can enter the national team alienware m17x

13+9! Cui Jinming Jones paratelum Deng Huade says he can enter the national team in Beijing on November 1st news, 7 branches, Cui Jinming became the Jilin team Jones, made a great contribution for the team to start the season two game winning streak. Tonight at the Guangzhou team, Bob Deng Huade’s team against the fourth quarter final to win 80-76 back. The first appearance of Cui Jinming played 36 minutes and 50 seconds, two pairs of data over 13 points and 9 rebounds and 3 steals. The new season before the 2 round, the Jilin team of local number one remarkable performance. > > the first section of the final stage of technical statistics, Cui Jinming scored 6 points, including 1 fastbreak, reminiscent of the peak period of Dwayne – Wade. 2 minutes and 25 seconds left in the first quarter, Cui Jinming from the backcourt attack ability, the formation of 2 hit 2, Cui Jinming did not choose to pass the ball quickly under the front face of his teammates, the Guangzhou team of foreign aid Ryan, Cui Jinming put the ball around the body in a circle, then the left hand layup. This is a wonderful goal, showing his personal strength. After two, Cui Jinming will be more energy on the defensive side, that is, the first three quarters to get a score of 6. To fourth, the teams were in stalemate on the occasion, Cui chin Ming stood out, he is carrying the ball break layup, Wang?. Then, Cui Jinming shot hit three points outside. You know, his outside shot 5 times before all the blacksmith. Before long, Cui Jinming and a layup. These 7 points, in one fell swoop to help the Jilin team opened the difference. 13 points and 9 rebounds and 3 steals, Cui Jinming had on the sidelines of Deng Huade applauded. The first round of the League last weekend, Cui Jinming also played well, the home team in the face of 13 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in Jiangsu. In the eyes of coach Cui Jinming, the Jilin team is the most powerful team into the national team. Prior to the preseason, Deng Huade specifically talked about Cui Jinming, when he said: he made me think of the performance of the coach of the national team of some players. Cui Jinming is a high level player, playing on the court is very clever, can play according to their own pace, the future you will see him in the Chinese national team in the list." The 24 year old Cui Jinming this summer on behalf of the Olympic team played a series of friendlies, but the performance is very stable. I believe in Deng Huade’s, Cui Jinming will get more opportunities to play, which contribute to his growth. It must be admitted that Cui Jinming has great potential. (Jimmy)相关的主题文章: