11 year old boy spent nearly ten thousand yuan to buy hand travel equipment for parents to sue game innawoods

11 year old boy spend nearly a million to buy Mobile Games equipment game companies want to tell parents the original title: parents want to sue two game background news 11 year old boy, less than 3 days time, micro letter envelopes stole nearly a million to buy Mobile Games equipment. "China Daily" reported on the matter in October 9th, many have the same bear child, the parents into the China Daily News Hotline complained, a discussion of the mobile phone game will follow. In October 17th, the China Daily A07, A08 published a "Puzzle" and "Mobile Games what save you addicted to Mobile Games children" report, caused strong repercussions in the community, with the parents call the hotline reflect increasing their own children to play Mobile Games problems, Mobile Games problems also surfaced. October 22nd, the China Daily newspaper invited 10 readers to experience the phone. At the same time, invite experts to analyze the state of the game and the existence of the problem. In October 31st, the real name registration form, to prevent indulge system vulnerabilities, and then to the parents accused treasure in the game has been pumping behavior is a kind of gambling problems, many problems exposed in the mobile phone game regulation…… China Daily reported yesterday were reported in detail. Yesterday, the matter adds new progress. 11 year old boy’s parents, Ms. Wu said to sue gaming companies. Lawyers also said that such a thing everyone should do a social responsibility, offered to free agent. The parents to sue the Lintong game companies refund Ms. Wu will sue the game business, entrusted to the Shaanxi Hengda law firm Zhao Liangshan lawyer. Ms. Wu said that in the morning of October 5th, her husband went to the hospital because of physical discomfort. When the payment is not found with a wallet, would like to pay with WeChat. Who knows it was found recently WeChat red envelopes sent out a lot is 200 yuan each. Husband is very puzzled: these days did not send a red envelope ah? Then he checked through the bank, that bank card binding on WeChat less 9200 yuan. The bank staff also found the whereabouts of the money, let Ms. Wu’s husband to check their payment details that WeChat, the 11 year old son in October 3rd to 5 during the early morning, secretly to see her husband’s WeChat payment password, while the family rest WeChat consumer Mobile Games equipment. Wu for this matter to find a lot of departments, but no one can manage. She questioned the threshold of the game companies audit, but also for help regulators helpless. Ms. Wu to sue game companies, asking for a refund. The idea that has been brewing for a long time has finally become a reality. Yesterday, Wu will be entrusted to the prosecution of a lawyer. The lawyer today will submit a complaint yesterday afternoon, China Daily reporter saw two civil complaint, a Tencent is suing the Shenzhen computer system Co. Ltd., another is the prosecution of 4399 Network Inc. Zhao Liangshan said the lawyer, has prepared two copies of the complaint, because Ms. Wu learned that the 11 year old son spent nearly million for 4 games, including "Doo Hyun every" and "Cross Fire" two games belonging to Shenzhen city Tencent computer systems limited, "said auci pass" and "7相关的主题文章: