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10 people buy a car 9 were fooled! These problems must be clear to buy a car – Sohu car today eleven double, but also buy buy buy rhythm. According to scientific statistics, a sister Liao skills plus, even the blind also increase the success rate of a car is simply the first condition to the pinnacle of life, there! But do not know the truth of the masses can resist eating melon 4S shop had determined to buy a car or wait for the right price, with the fear of missing the so-called "best Car Buying time"? In the case of a car suddenly engage in big promotion, until the 4 son of the store was found to be a pit similar scene you can ever encounter when buying a car has become a chore? Part of the problem in the comments area often ask riders is about Car Buying preferential! Since we have such a demand, is the inevitable requirement of tertiary brick! Today, brick uncle to talk about the car concessions to those common problems one: the answer is naturally negative, under normal circumstances, can enjoy the preferential conditions given by the 4 son shop more stringent requirements. It is not difficult to explain if businesses slash vehicle price, even the price upside down, the new car price is lower than the purchase price, the gross profit is zero, or even negative issues. Because even if you enjoy a huge discount naked car, businesses can also earn considerable profits of the remaining channels. Brick uncle for example, even if the bare car to enjoy preferential prices, combined with the various conditions of the 4S shop bundle, consumers can actually enjoy the preferential price is greatly reduced. In store loans means that part of the purchase of a car is required to provide loans as a precondition to loan 100 thousand, paid off for example in 3 years. The three common forms of loans are as follows: this part of the amount of interest for the purchase of the car would like to purchase the consumer itself is an additional expenditure. Store insurance is another means of this, 4S shop to help "resident" insurance companies to sell insurance, the former can be obtained from a certain amount of commission. According to the different models of the price, the insurance company can give 4S shop Commission in 20%-30%. Of course, if the consumer later returned to the dangerous condition of the vehicle, 4S shop maintenance, which can earn considerable costs, and considerable profit. The store on the card will usually charge fees ranging from more than a thousand dollars, in fact, consumers spend only two hundred dollars for the licensing procedures. Simple procedures, prepare certificate original and photocopy, ID card, invoice, Car Buying owners insurance four kinds of materials, you can go to the local vehicle to vehicle, vehicle purchase tax, pay for pick, driving license and other procedures. Common type and price of your products is navigator, tachograph, explosion-proof film, with the navigator as an example, the same grade price of around one thousand, the price of 4S is several fold. As for the cheap jewelry, 4S simply packaged for sale, Meiqimingyue decoration package, prices actually have thousands of dollars. This stack, but also to earn an objective cost. Common requirements to meet the conditions of the store replacement, store maintenance, etc.. About two hundred thousand of the car, even if there are few!相关的主题文章: